Ages and Stages

All the activities we do at KindyROO are aimed at fostering the normal sequence of development appropriate to your child’s age.

Children who progress through the normal, natural stages of development in the first years of life are unlikely to have learning problems when they are at school.

Normal development occurs in an expected pattern and progress through each developmental level provides the foundation for a higher level of development:

  • FIRST YEAR: Babies come into the world with involuntary movements and with experience, gradually gain control over their movements.

              We call this the REFLEX/MOTOR STAGE of development.

  • SECOND YEAR: During this year, children move their bodies using both sides equally and often at the same time.

              We call this the MOTOR/PERCEPTUAL STAGE of development.

  • THIRD YEAR: A dominant side of the body develops and our children learn to use one side of the body differently to the other, at the same time. They also move one side of their body across into the other side.  

              We call this the PERCEPTUAL/MOTOR STAGE of development.

  • FOURTH YEAR: This is the year when motor skills are refined and automaticity of movement enables a child’s brain to be freed up for higher thinking and learning skills.

              We call this the PERCEPTUAL/CONCEPTUAL STAGE of development.

Exercise is a key component of the KindyROO program. Music and rhythm, visual, and auditory and speech skills are also interwoven for all ages as an integral component of the KindyROO movement program.

Muscle tone, flexibility and activities which stimulate the vestibular system are also included throughout all stages.

As all stages are interwoven throughout development, re-enforcement of earlier stage skills is important at all levels.

BabyROO  Birth to approximately 12 months

Toddlers  Walking to 3 years

Ready for Kindy 3 - 4 years

School Readiness    4 – 5 years


Neurodevelopmental milestones 0-12 months

Neurodevelopmental milestones 1 - 4 years

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