KindyROO 30 years


WOW! What a magnificent accomplishment! In 1982, Margaret Sasse, the Founder of GymbaROO, set out to help the children of the world be developmentally ready for learning at school. A pioneer, she realised that the stimulation a baby received in the first years of life laid the foundations for later academic success. Margaret was well before her time and had to fight hard to have her program of movement, music and sensory stimulation taken seriously. Read more about Margaret’s journey. Since the program’s inception a raft of Australian and International research has proven that Margaret was absolutely correct! The experiences of infancy and early childhood not only matter, they are crucial in determining how well a child will learn and cope with the roller-coaster of life experiences. Yet, even in 2013 there is a reluctance by officialdom to support the GymbaROO/KindyROO program so we can extend into areas of great need. But we have not let this stop us from pursuing other avenues to extend our reach to parents.

In 2013 we will celebrate our 30th birthday by commencing a world first TV show – online GymbaROO! Parents who do not have a local GymbaROO or KindyROO centre will be able to watch and learn about infant development via our online series. We are VERY excited about the series, made possible by the hard work of Bindy Cummings, the niece of the GymbaROO founder Margaret Sassé and daughter of Dr Mary-Lou Sheil, the two producers of the DVD series “Importance of being….” that has been viewed by many thousands of parents over the past 25 years DVD series information.

So keep your eye out for the on-line series, expected to commence in April. A link to the series will be available from this website as soon as it is online.


Read more about the KindyROO story:

  • Dogged, determined and driven: The Founder of GymbaROO & KindyROO – Margaret Sasse (1929 – 2009)    Maureen Hawke - Margaret Sasse was the force behind the establishment of GymbaROO & KindyROO. In response to her work with children with learning problems, Margaret set out, in 1982, to provide infants and pre-school children with the foundational skills necessary for later learning. It was not an easy road. Maureen Hawke, who worked side-by-side with Margaret recalls some of the enormous challenges that Margaret faced as she strove to fulfill her life’s calling – to help as many children as possible to be happy, confident and successful learners.
  • Child Development: How Our Understanding Has Changed - Professor Frances Page Glascoe - Before the 1920’s, children were often viewed simply as small versions of adults. The dynamic changes in children’s memory, problem-solving, language and motor skills were either unnoticed or unstudied. More recently, a much more sophisticated view is taken of children’s development including the important role that parents/carers play in that development.
  • What children really want! - Marianne Schriever - A research program at the University of York UK recently asked 7000 children what determines their well-being in a wide aspect of their lives. They found, what the children wanted, was to be able to explore and learn about their world in a happy and safe environment. Thirty years of GymbaROO programs have demonstrated that children are incredibly wise and that they see the world more simply than we do. They love to learn through trial and error. That is what all the fiddling, poking, pulling, tumbling, climbing and bouncing is all about. What motivates children is their delight in their own actions and their parent’s pleasure in watching and encouraging them to learn. A three year old says it out straight: “Look at me!”
  • 30 years On - by Robyn Floyd…… the first GymbaROO babies have grown up. What impact has GymbaROO had on their lives?

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