Marianne Schriever


Name: Marianne Schriever


For forty years Marianne Schriever has been an educator. As teacher, literacy consultant, primary school principal and program director in international schools, her work has focused on preparing students to thrive in a complex world characterised by rapid change, an explosion of information and an urgent need to build relationships. The context of her teaching and learning principles and practices grew out of her background of curriculum development and devising various programs including School Readiness, Literacy Learning and Building Learning Communities. Her work in different educational settings has given her insights into the importance of neurological development in relation to student academic achievement and mental and emotional health.

Undertaking study and training at INPP under Sally Goddard and Peter Blythe led Marianne to become a Child Development and Learning Consultant, practicing with Margaret Sasse. It has reinforced her conviction that academic success is significantly based on laying the foundational neurological pathways. Her consultancy work identifies children at risk and includes developing individual programs that assist children in overcoming obstacles that keep them from succeeding. She is a trained Sound Therapist incorporating innovative applications of auditory training methods.

While teaching at KindyROO and training teachers, Marianne experiences the challenges and successes of a sensory motor program. She is a regular contributor to KindyROO’s ‘First Steps’ Magazine, giving parents an understanding of the role to play in their child’s early education.

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