• Why KindyROO ?

    For 30 years the program has developed a formidable reputation for delivering quality to parents and children. Over 30,000 children and their parents attend a KindyROO session each week.

    Dr Frances Glascoe, a world leader in early childhood development, who is the author of PEDS which has been rolled out Nationwide by Maternal Child Health Centres, is a pro-bono patron of KindyROO because she loves what the program offers parents, especially dads.

    The American Academy of Paediatrics Developmental and Behavioural journal published a four page article describing the program positively and giving it the tag "An innovative Australian approach".

    Initially based on practical experience and observation, and positive outcomes for early implementations, today after 30 years, there is significant empirical research validating many aspects of the underlying KindyROO Rationale.

    FUN & LEARNING! KindyROO’s activity classes are all about fun and learning! Children can climb, swing, tumble, dance and sing their way to a healthy brain and body in readiness for later school learning.

    JUST ASK AROUND: KindyROO is highly recommended by many health professionals, including Paediatricians, Child Health Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Paediatric Osteopaths and Paediatric Chiropractors.

    At KindyROO we do not advocate avoiding modern medical advice; rather we help to show you ways in which you can still enable your baby to experience those important movement and sensory opportunities necessary for healthy brain and body development.


    80% of brain development occurs in the first year of life, 90% by the age of four. Experiences a child has in the first years lay the foundation for life.

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POSSUMS – 3 to 4 years

Possums love to hang, swing, climb, run, gallop, hop and somersault, in fact they love all movement! They are also becoming far more social and enjoy playing with other children. At KindyROO we encourage greater team work and provide Sensory Perceptual Motor Stimulation circuits that promote sensory integration and laterality. It is very important for those children of this age who need further consolidation of these stages, while at the same time increasing more cross pattern activities, where the right side of the body is balanced by the use of the opposite arm or leg in throwing, walking, running etc., in order to further develop the higher areas of the brain.

Many of the KindyROO sessions for this age group operate without the assistance of the parents (in those states where this is permissible). Children learn to follow the instructions from the teacher and the CD’s for both the dances and the exercises.  They also learn to work in groups, to line up and follow the leader and to follow three or four instructions. All these skills are essential for happy school experiences in following years.

At KindyROO, Possums are given the opportunity to perfect their abilities in the area of:

  • Cross pattern action in the upright position, with hopping for balance, skipping along and throwing and catching.
  • Cross pattern crocodiles to encourage automaticity of cross pattern movement and body awareness.  
  • Auditory work including counting and activities that require attention and concentration.
  • Word sequential visualisation work, using a word sequential reading series, and visual exercises.
  • Fine motor skill development through finger plays and action rhymes as well as crossing under the overhead ladder and swinging on the trapeze.
  • Balance and coordination by climbing, swinging, hanging, tumbling and moving along equipment in specific and challenging ways.
  • Group work with and without parents.

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